Every Journey Ends.

Refuge is a party-based adventure game set it a world on the brink of collapse. You play as Sayid, a bus driver who is thrust into a freshly war-torn civilisation to secure the safety of himself and his passengers. The journey ahead is littered with danger, and every decision you make might mean the difference between life and death.

Every journey ends.

Alpha Trailer:

For this project, my responsibilities were:

  • Lead the design and vision of Refuge, including art and audio to a multidisciplinary team of external collaborators.
  • Lead regular play testing sessions, incorporating the feedback into our product
  • Design the toolsets created by my programmers, so we can easily create scenarios
  • Level design for the game’s story-driven encounters, as well as its passive explorative segments.
  • Writing and expressing the game’s story through written text, sound and art.
  • Helped with marketing, creating our initial trailer and art for our website.

Game Director: Me

Lead Programmer: Alex Luthe

Programmer and Producer: Jordon Dodds

Website and marketing: Arthur Finkler

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