Project Sapling/Ardent Garden – A Retrospective

In studio 3 (and later my internship), we designed an educational app with Ralf Muhlberger, CEO of The Latest Tricks and 89Friends. He was looking into creating an AR gardening app for school students to fulfils their curriculum requirements in a fresh and interesting way. We called it Project Sapling, and it was by far the most interesting project I’ve worked on. Designing an application that fulfils a curricular and experiential goal was an interesting challenge, as well as positioning the app for funding grants and prototyping with mobile devices in mind.

Redesigning Windows’ Device Manager

Window’s device manager is an ancient tool to allow administrators to monitor hardware attached to their computer. Device manager has been around since Windows 95, and over the years its tried and true design hasn’t changed much at all. However, with Microsoft acknowledging that the present and future of UI design doesn’t promise a mouse … Continue reading Redesigning Windows’ Device Manager

How to Take the Helm of Someone Else’s Ideas – Working Under Clients

Working under people is a crucially important skill that many people don't expect to learn. As my teacher told me, commissioned work is likely the most lucrative work for a game developer, just as government funding supports the Film industry. Learning to understand the needs of a client and work toward their goals is very … Continue reading How to Take the Helm of Someone Else’s Ideas – Working Under Clients

Where the Heart Is – Constrained Storytelling

The problem with storytelling in games is that most stories are either very specific, or totally ambiguous. There's something to be said about all types of storytelling, emergent, environmental or cinematic. With Where the Heart is, we wanted to tell a story with the minimal resources we had. Like I learned at Brooke Maggs' Narrative Design … Continue reading Where the Heart Is – Constrained Storytelling