About Me

2014-11-16 [190129]Hey there! I’m Jacob Duniam, a game design student from SAE Institute, here in Brisbane. From age 12 I’ve wanted to pursue games development after being inspired by games like Metroid: Fusion (Nintendo R&D1, 2002), Ratchet and Clank (Insomniac, 2002), Jak and Daxter (Naughty Dog, 2001), and games of their ilk. Games have helped me grow into ‘me’, allowing me to live out fascinating alter-egos in alien worlds, introducing me to a vibrant range of characters for me to live vicariously.


Good games don’t need to be fun; my most valuable gaming experiences have made me learn new and fascinating things about myself. I’ve loved the mysterious and enthralling worlds of SOMA and Alien: Isolation and fallen in love with the beautiful stories and characters within Bioware’s lush Mass Effect (2007) and Dragon Age (2009) franchises. Like movies, games can tell complex stories, and leave lasting memories. I’m deeply passionate about games, and their rightful place as interactive art.

I’ve worked on a few projects throughout my degree. Cookie Defense! is a top-down shooter which I and some friends coded for the Make a Thing Jam after 13 weeks of classes. In development this trimester I am working on a Portal 2 level ‘The Excursion’, as well as a city-building game for my Scripting class. I have a few independent projects which are under wraps for now, but I’m excited to kickstart my career in the Games Industry as I finish my degree.

In the future, I want to focus on creating meaningful experiences and show fascinating perspectives through interactive mediums. I find the narrative potential present in games to be wonderfully exciting, and I want to follow in the wake of Bioware – to take advantage of the latent storytelling capabilities of games.

I can’t wait to see where my degree takes me. The people I have met have been unforgettable, and I see such immense potential for the future of Australian game development.

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