Sir Anish Kapoor is a British sculptor. Born in 1954, Kapoor studied art at London’s Hornsey College of Art, and later at the Chelsea School of Art and Design. He became known in the 80’s for his “Geometric and Biomorphic sculptures”. For example, his pigment and mixed-media piece 1000 Names (1979-1980) is one of many examples of his experimentation with form .

1000 Names (1979-1980) Mixed media and pigment

At GOMA, two of Anish Kapoor’s recent sculptures were on display. His 2007 Untitled piece (below) continues his play of presence and absence through form. This object, a torus that recedes into the wall. The object consumes both positive and negative space against its surroundings. The unusual form of the object engages the viewer, and its stark colour evoke primal feelings of darkness, emptiness, passion and desire. The viewer is invited to contemplate its interior and exterior.

Anish Kapoor, Untitled 2006-2007
Untitled, 2007, resin and paint sculpture

To me, Untitled my ideas of transcendence. The object seems to consume the environment it is in, being the focal point of the room. It’s dark interior draws my eye into it, and I am forced to consider it’s purpose considering my traditional ideas of architecture. It’s size is intimidating, imposing itself onto me, and I can’t help my own primal emotions as it consumes my attention.

Converting the experience into a game, I want an object that is visually distinct from its surroundings, that – no matter what – consumes the attention of the viewer from the environment. For it to do so, its size and colour must retain the primal and distinct personality of the original piece. Audio feedback can assist as well, communicating the sudden loss of environmental attention.

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