Particle effects are great ways to communicate states to the player. Whether an object is important, bleeding from damage, on fire, or getting healed, we need effective ways for the player to read these states from afar. Triage is a game in which hospital patients are taken into hospital wards for treatment, and when a patient is being treated, we need an effective way for the player to know. For this, a particle effect is the most effective way.

A particle effect is a texture that moves through space. sparks, fire, smoke, blood, etc. are all 2D sprites that are emitted from an origin, and move according to gravity, direction, physics, or any other influences. Unity supports a built-in physics system, which we will use to create this basic particle effect.

Adding a particle effect into the scene:

To add a Particle System into your scene in Unity, simply right click in the hierarchy, and select “Particle System”. A basic one will be added into the scene, and when selected will begin simulating2017-01-17-17

Adjusting Parameters

The first parameters we need to adjust for this effect is the emission shape. Currently, it’s a cone. We need this particle to emit from the centre of an object from all directions, so we’ll change this to a sphere:


Further, we will need to change the scale of the Particle System itself to its default:

2017-01-17 (23).png

Adding Textures

Furthermore, we need to apply the right textures for this effect. Simply drag your material onto the Particle System in the heirarchy:


It will immediately take effect, but you might see that the sizing and other parameters are not fit for the effect we want. Here, the textures are too big and might move too quickly, but luckily we have a wealth of parameters to fix this.

Finalizing the Parameters:

Firstly, I 2017-01-17-22changed the Start Size of the particle to be much smaller at 0.25, I left the speed at 5, but the lifetime at 0.5. Lastly, I changed the rate over time to be 50, so we get a nice spread of particles that aren’t too fast to be visible.

And the final result:2017-01-17-22




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