Technical Design Documents – Why I should have used them

Recently, my class has been exploring the importance of Technical Design Documents (TDD). TDDs are documents for creators to outline the technical solutions for their products, and allow a common base for which all workers can reference their solutions.


I didn’t use a TDD, and it created problems for me further down the line.


For Triage, I left my programmers to work on their own technical solutions based on the designs in the GDD. While this meant that I didn’t need time at first in order to manage the project, it ultimately meant that their implementations of certain features used language and features I don’t know how to read. Since I didn’t know how the systems at play worked, I ultimately couldn’t make adjustments based on design outside of what is available in the inspector. I couldn’t assist with technical difficulties and had to rely exclusively on programmers to organise issues with development. Had I used a TDD, I’d have been able to outline system details myself and keep a record of the specifics of my programmer’s work in case I had to make changes myself. It means I’m able to be a more independent designer and a more productive teammate.


In future, project, I can outline my technical solutions before delving into working on them, so I can have a good idea of how my systems work at large before running into logistical issues.

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