Triage – Core Playable Update

Week 8 Wednesdays’ session is the intended date for our group’s core playable of Triage – a fast-paced, frantic and frustrating patient management game. Triage is designed to be a stressful, but crudely hilarious experience designed to challenge how fast and careful you can truly be under pressure.

In the week leading up to the Core Playable phase, the game design specification was laid out. We each separated into our roles to work on our parts to get the majority of features from the game design document into the project. On the day, however, much of the game was not ready for testing. With only a moving gurney and a very simplistic feedback systems, much of the gameplay feedback was obsolete. However, feedback relating to our gurney movement system helped us to gauge whether the system was responsive or intuitive based on the pitch that we gave. The feedback helped us to shape the next iteration of our gurney movement system, but we all knew that we had to implement ALL the features before our next playtesting session.

What was really troubling me was how this had happened. The team seemed satisfied with the work done in the week prior, but I wasn’t. I knew that three programmers and a designer can do much better, and I felt that there was not enough pressure on the team to complete their tasks. I had already assigned someone else to manage the team, but still, the work was not getting done. I felt that, as the design behind this project, that I should not be managing the team. My teacher urged me to do it, since I felt strongest about achieving my goals.

Now, I want to experiment with how we can put pressure on each other to achieve our targets. At the end of the lesson, I was certain to make sure everybody understood their goals and our targets. I also plan to check up on my team over the course of the week to ensure they progress as desired. By taking a better part of managing the project, I should be able to ensure everything runs on-time.

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