The game’s industry is heading towards massive changes in the future. Oculus, Valve and HTC and Playstation have shown us the cornucopia of gaming glory with Virtual Reality. We’ve experienced a relentless push to have content and marketing ready to support the launch of the three big VR platforms with a plethora of experiences. Inevitably, VR’s price-wall will diminish and open the floodgates for everybody to try it. Where games themselves will go is anybody’s guess. I expect we will witness more independent games take center-stage at press events. Given the direction that games are going, It’s not unimaginable that big AAA studios will continue to pump out behemoths, such as The Division – the latest knot in a long line of Ubisoft games that continuously get bigger, with better graphics, and more multiplayer features. As technology takes us further, we may finally encounter the physical limits of our computers – Moore’s Law. This should result in developers getting creative with current hardware to suck every last drop of processing power out of the devices of the time.

Similarly, it’s possible that all devices all over the world may have access to high-speed  internet, and services like OnLive would finally see the market they’ve been asking for. Onlive and its competitors stream your inputs to a server farm that processes the game and imagery (hopefully at massive resolutions and great quality settings) and send the result back to the device the user is playing on. This leaves the opportunities endless for processing power – Developers only need to develop for one device with massive processing capabilities that can provide the end user with a light client on any device without needing to sell a big box to play it on.

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