5 Seconds of fire is a self-proclaimed “fast-paced exploration game” developed exclusively by Ajmal Rizni. In 5 Seconds of Fire the player–a glowing cube–navigates a dark maze to find all five fire orbs to win, with a countdown edging towards failure. 5 Seconds of Fire aesthetically invites challenge with its low-hitting and action heavy soundtrack with its fast, acrobatic movement to be exciting to compliment the game’s quick pace. 5SOF’s Pace is key while each level is no more that 50 seconds long 5 Seconds of Fire requires fast reflexes and firm control of movement to scale walls, land correctly and catch the game’s orbs. Navigating the environment is a challenge too. Despite a small radius from the player object, much of the environment is blocked with a purple darkness, necessitating blindly hitting walls and making leaps of fail to get around. It’s lucky then that the mouse cursor provides a similar small light to help guide the player. The Cursor-flashlight adds a layer of challenge where in the game’s fast pace, trying to move precisely the cursor to see where to go can waste precious seconds. 5 Seconds of Fire is fast paced and challenging, distilling the aesthetics of typical “exploration” games into a quick romp through a dark labyrinth.

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